E-Learning Development

Are you looking for expert instructional design services? Look no further than 3531 Media. We specialize in designing effective and engaging instructional materials that align with your unique needs and learning outcomes.





Pilot Testing



Tailor-Made Learning Design

We understand that each client and learning situation requires a tailored approach, which is why we offer a variety of design models and contemporary approaches, including scenario-based training, motivational design, immersive learning, and microlearning.

Increase Learning Outcomes

Our interactive partnership process ensures that not only are we improving competencies in design and development, but we are also improving the outcome. With our expertise, you can confidently turn the learning over to the learner and focus on the outcome.

A Strategically Crafted Message

We can develop and conduct complex training programs, and facilitate classroom and virtual instructor-led programs. Our expertise in ADDIE, SAM, and AGILE models of instructional design ensures that we develop quality training materials that include written course content, systems documentation, and e-learning (Adobe Captivate & Articulate Storyline).

What We Can Do?

Project Management

The best practice for project management is to set clear project deliverables that have set milestones along the path to project completion.


A builder would never start building without a blueprint from the architect. The course design comes from the analyses, especially task analysis.


It’s the trainer’s job to bring the objectives, content, and activities to life with motivation, articulation, and excitement.

Brand Strategy

A comprehensive plan to develop your brand into a long-term driver of sales, acquisitions, and more.

Brand Identity

Creating your brand’s identity through a process of targeting audiences via proper media channels.

Asset Management

Whether it’s maintaining an old logo or creating something new, your brand assets need to be curated and its reputation monitored.

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We Can Work With You:

  1. Custom-designed training courses for any industry
  2. An eLearning program tailored to your business
  3. Convert your instructor-led training (ILT) into an effective online training module

The cost of an eLearning project will vary. It depends on several variables, including which services you require, the amount of initial content, and the desired design for the finished modules. Typically, our engagements start at $2,000.

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your unique online training needs.